Ministerios Sociales

Gremio de Mujeres

Encabezada del Ministro:  M. Wonn

el Gremio de mujeres es una organizacion que promueve la unidad de mujeres Catolicas y apoya a la Iglesia & algotros casos de caridad. Tenemos varios ministerios entre nuestra organizacion de los cuales usted puede escojer a asistir. Las voluntarias de esta organizacion nos asisten a reunir fondos para apoyar varioscaridades en la comunidad y en las actividades de la Iglesia. Nos reunimos mensualmente por aproximadamente

Knights OF Columbus

Ministry Leader: Kevin Schneider

The Knights of Columbus (KOC) is a fraternal organization open to all Catholic men 18 years of age and older who are in good standing with the Church. Membership is drawn from all local parishes. Meetings are held at 7:30pm on the last Monday of each month. Some of the activities sponsored by the KOC include ministering to the needs of the Church, shaping the world around us (assisting those in need) through community relations activities, strengthening family life and building leaders for the future. Annual dues required for membership. For more information regarding the KOC, click here.

Music Ministries

Saturday 5:00pm Mass Group

Ministry Leader: R. Cooper

This group provides music and singing at the 5:00pm Saturday evening Mass. Practices are held at 4:15pm every Saturday. Anyone with singing ability or the ability to play an instrument is welcome to join. The youth are highly encouraged to join us.

11:15am Sunday Mass Choir

Ministry Leader: J. Shaw

This choir contributes to the spiritual enjoyment of the religious services by providing music at the 11:15am Sunday morning Mass and other special Masses throughout the year. Anyone with singing ability or the ability to play an instrument are welcome to join. The choir rehearses from 10:00 – 11:00a.m. every Sunday morning in the Sanctuary.